Gauthier Group

Firmly rooted in the Ambert and Stéphane areas, the Gauthier group brings together 5 companies with exceptional expertise. 3 of these companies are more than a hundred years old !

  • GAUTHIER FILS : 152 years
  • MANUTEX : 131 years
  • PROMOTRESS : 114 yeas

Serving major brands and designers, as well as the automotive and aeronautics industries, these family-run, human-scale companies have been perpetuating the excellence of French textile and plastics manufacturing for several generations.

Thanks to the synergy and complementarity of these companies, the Gauthier Group is able to respond rapidly and efficiently to any specific design request.

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Gauthier Fils

Gauthier Fils

For 5 generations, Gauthier Fils has been perpetuating exceptional know-how in textile braiding and trimmings in the city of Vertolaye (63).

A team of enthusiasts designs and manufactures textile cords, braids, laces, croquets, soutaches, pipings, princesses, elastics and braids, plain or multicolored, from a wide range of materials (cotton, polyester, lurex®, viscose, acrylic, polyamide, polypropylene) on antique and modern braiding looms.

Since 2021, Gauthier Fils has also offered the manufacture of woven ribbons for decoration, clothing, packaging or technical uses in industry.

The company works for top designers and prestige brands, and offers tailor-made solutions for textile finishing in clothing and packaging.

Gauthier Fils expertise is validated by ISO 9001 certification and the label EPV.

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Located in the Ambert industrial zone, Promotress has specialized for over 100 years in the design and manufacture of braid and technical cord for industry.

Our human-sized team produces elastic cords and braids, cordelières, halyards, bungee cords, tensioners, waterproof braids and overbraiding for the automotive, medical, sportswear and leisure industries, combining original designs with specific technical features.

The quality of the braids and cords manufactured in the workshop is controlled throughout the production process, to meet the most stringent specifications. The Promotress quality process is validated by ISO 9001 certification.

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Located in the Ambert industrial zone, Atiplast specializes in the production of textile finishes by plasturgy, for the packaging, clothing and automotive markets.

The company’s scope of activity includes the fitting of plastic end caps on narrow textiles (braid or cord) by overmolding, the manufacture of plastic parts by plastic injection, from small to large series, and the production of rods and tubes by extrusion.

Atiplast works in close collaboration with Gauthier Fils and Promotress for the production of braid and textile cord with technical finishings (ferrules, tilting ferrets, closing buckles, hooks, etc.).

The company is a member of the Polyvia syndicate, and its quality process is validated by ISO 9001 certification.

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Based in Saint-Chamond (42), Manutex has specialized in braiding and weaving narrow textiles for over 130 years.

With a fleet of over 150 machines, Manutex operates in a wide range of sectors, supplying professionals in the garment, medical, industrial, leather goods and packaging sectors…

The company’s commitment to the environment is reflected in its Oeko-tex standard 100 certification, which guarantees that its know-how is free from harmful substances, and that its non-polluting activities help to preserve flora and fauna. Manutex is ISO 9001 and ISO 9100 certified (Aeronautics, Space and Defense sector).

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Oeko-tex 100 ISO 9001 9100




Founded in 2005, Audéo specializes in the manufacture of narrow textiles by braiding or weaving (ribbons, braids, straps, cords, braids, elastics, cables, knitwear). The company also performs a wide range of finishing operations, including hot and cold cutting, sewing, and metal and plastic end-fitting.

Audéo has been Oeko-Tex certified since 2012 and ISO 9001 certified since 2015.

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